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If you’ve been a CPA for just about any length of time, you’ve probably heard of the AICPA. If you haven’t, let me explain. The American Institution of CPAs (AICPA) is the world’s largest association. They have over 400,000 members across the world. They have members in over 140 countries, which gives them one of the biggest reaches of any group. They were originally founded in 1887, with the idea of representing anyone in the CPA field.

They do several things, not only for their members but for the industry as well. They are the group that sets the ethics for the profession and auditing standards of both private companies and federal organizations.

At, it’s our mission to ensure that you’re getting the best rates possible. This article is going to look at the various benefits of the AICPA and the reasons that you should consider joining.

Benefits of the AICPA

There are several advantages to joining the AICPA. If you’re a CPA (and we can assume that you are since you’re reading this post), you may have heard of some of the benefits of being a member of the AICPA. We’ve discussed the life insurance benefits of being a member and joining their group plan that they offer, but that’s not the only benefit that they have. AICPA member discounts

Their main purpose is as an advocacy group for CPAs and supporting the interest of their industry and everyone in the profession. They do this through a variety of different ways, and one of those is gaining support within the community and with the government.

They also are working to better train CPAs and helping them further their education by giving them the tools that they need to stay up-to-date and continue learning. They have continuing professional education goals that allow CPAs to improve their skills or learn new ones. They also offer professional guidance and publications that can help members as the industry changes.

Discount Program

One of the most tangible benefits that they offer is their member discount program. If you’re a member of the AIPCA, you can take advantage of their discount program, which has dozens of different offers that you can use to save money. They have offers from companies in just about any industry, everything from technology to shipping.

While the discount program shouldn’t be the only reason that you join the AICPA, it’s icing on the cake. If you’re a member, you can get up to 20% of any Dell programs or 30% of shipping when you use FedEx. These are only two of the excellent discounts that you can take advantage of.

On top of the discounts, you can sign up for the AICPA BankAmericard Cash Rewards credit card. With this card, you’ll get cashback from certain stores, and you can even get a $150 cash bonus if you spend $500 in the first 90 days. Once again, it’s not the reason that you should join AICPA, but if you’re looking for a new credit card, that could be the way to go.

AICPA Life Insurance

As we mentioned, one of the questions that we get the most is about the AIPCA group life insurance plan that they offer. The group has several different kinds of life insurance that they offer, and all of them are going to have different advantages or disadvantages that you should consider. It’s important that you get the best life insurance and you consider all of the options.

Technically, AICPA is not the one offer the life insurance coverage. The plans are underwritten by Prudential Life Insurance Company. They have both term and permanent coverage, you can also add your spouse to your insurance coverage. Most people assume that these plans are going to be cheaper because it’s a part of a group, but in this case, that isn’t true.

In just about every case, AICPA life insurance is not going to be the best option.  For most people, there are going to be dozens and dozens of better life insurance options that you can choose from. Not only is it important to have life insurance coverage, but it’s vital that you get the most affordable plan available. Regardless of which company that you go with, it’s important that you’re getting low premiums.

Getting Lower Life Insurance Premiums

There are several ways that you can get lower premiums for your life insurance coverage. The best way to do that is to cut out any tobacco that you currently use. If you’re listed as a smoker on your insurance application, then you’re going to be facing much higher premiums. In fact, any applicant that uses tobacco is going to face premiums that are twice as expensive. If you want to save money, cutting out the cigarettes is going to be one of the best ways to do that.

One way to guarantee that you’re getting the lowest premiums is to compare dozens and dozens of companies before you decide which one is going to work best for you. AICPA is only one option, there are hundreds of others on the marketplace. Because there are so many options, you could spend weeks and weeks calling different agents to get quotes, or you can let one of our independent agents do all of the hard work for you. Unlike a traditional agent that only works for one single company, our independent agents work with dozens of highly rated companies across the nation.

If you want to get the lowest rates based on your situation, fill out our quote form, and you will get a personalized set of quotes. These quotes will reflect the best life insurance options to meet your needs.

If you have any questions about the AICPA benefits or your life insurance requirements, please contact one of our agents today. We would be happy to answer those questions and connect you with the best life insurance plan possible.

About Growth 360, LLC
About Growth 360, LLC

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